Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sometimes God removes people from your life.

"Sometimes God removes someone from your life because to leave them there would block your destiny. Let them go." 

Having someone removed from your life stinks. At the time it is painful. God has taken people out of my life throughout the years. I mean He must be so annoyed with me sometimes because He would take someone out and then I would turn to someone else who was just as unhealthy for me and He would have to turn around and do it all over again. But I truly believe that while I made those decisions I also learned from them what God needed me to learn. He used my bad decisions with friends and dating to mold me into the person I am today.

I do not like being alone. I do not like not having someone to hangout with. That doesn’t mean I never want to be alone because I need my me time too. (I’m a closet introvert.) However, I do always want to have the option of having someone to hangout with. I love having people in my life that genuinely want to hangout with me. The fact that I have friends that I genuinely want to hear from everyday makes me happy. Even better than that: the fact that they want to hear from me makes my soul giggle.

I now understand that the people I chose to be in my life were not uplifting in anyway and that was not cool. I have learned from each of them how to not be a friend, significant other, or really just how to not be an overall human being. I’ve learned how to not treat people.

I also now understand that you need to be careful of whom you yoke yourself to. Meaning: who you live your life with. Who are the first people you call when you are crying? Are they actually going to want to listen? Do they really care? Most of my life I could answer no. The people I would call first didn’t care so I bottled it up and hid my emotions and smiled like everything was alright.

After all of the people I’ve had removed from my life, I have finally found a group of friends that are uplifting. I did not choose them. God smiled that Sunday morning and answered my prayers for good friends in my life and they just sat right down next to me and said hello. Within two weeks God added to that circle until I was overwhelmed with joy. Although the dynamic has changed radically with a few of my amazing friends I know that God is opening up my pathway that is leading to this awesome destiny He has for me. And I know that as long as I allow Him to work in my life and I watch for the little signs then I’ll stay on His path.

I am still sad when I have someone removed from my life or even their role in my life is changed in a way that I am not happy about. I look to God and say “umm seriously? I liked how everything was. Why are you changing good things?” And then I remember, “oh wait His plan kicks my plan’s butt.” That doesn’t mean I will never hurt when people are removed from my life but I will never fall apart the way I used to. I will never crawl farther into myself and leave the world behind like I used to. I will cry, I will be sad, I will argue with God and then I will get up and be ok.

Sometimes God’s plan is blocked by our decisions and He tries to open up our eyes by removing those brick walls even if that means removing someone from our lives that we do not think should leave. Always remember: His plan is better.


  1. Your posting has blessed me beyond words. It is so healing and uplifting. Thank you for sharing your testimony. It inspires me as I am on such a challenging journey. Thank you and thank you. Many blessings to you...


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  3. Thankyou!! I really needed this. Very thoughtful.

  4. Im depressed why does god take more than one person like people at a job my bad decisions now im paying

  5. People fron church i feel like an outsider being juged when i walk in ny church family is gone too

  6. I feel left alone ive made to many bad decisions im broke im tired i have no will i was strong i just want to fight the good fight but i am so confused people think im weird i have a character. At work now thats gone what do i do